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Virtual Office Mail Forwarding

The perfect mailing solution for your online business
Doing business in today’s world comes with many challenges. Setting up your workplace and deciding how to operate means making decisions. One decision you might have to make, especially if your business operates online, is how you want to receive mail and establish a permanent address. Virtual office mail forwarding offers an easy solution and might be the answer for you.

Virtual office mail forwarding lets you have a permanent address for your business and gives you a place to receive mail and packages. It varies from a physical post office box because you don’t have to check it in person. You can have your business mail sent to you wherever you are. Mail and exterior & interior scanning. This might make sense for you if you’re a digital nomad traveling the country (or the world) or doing business from another state.
Virtual Office Mail Forwarding

Virtual Office Mail Forwarding Services

Virtual office mail forwarding makes managing your mail simple. It provides a permanent address for your business. You can receive mail and packages here. When your mail is received, you can opt to have the unopened envelopes scanned. This means you can access your mail from your computer or smartphone wherever you are. You can then choose to have all of your mail or just the essential pieces opened and scanned or forwarded to another address.

Virtual office mail forwarding service from Americas Mailbox gives you:

  • A permanent address:  Get a physical South Dakota address for your business. You can use this address for years, even if you change locations. If you’re doing business on the road, online or even from another state, this will give you an address to use. You can even use this address for your business license or registering as an LLC or corporation.
  • Mail forwarding services: No matter where you are, Americas Mailbox makes it easy to get your mail. We’ll forward mail to you wherever you are. 
  • Mail scanning and online access: When you opt for Titanium level services through Americas Mailbox, we’ll scan the mail and packages we receive so you can decide how to handle them. We’ll discard the junk, forward the good stuff, or handle your mail as you see fit.

Who Needs Virtual Office Mail Forwarding?

You might find that virtual office mail forwarding is for you if you run an online business, travel frequently, or don’t have the need for a physical office. 

There are many benefits to opting in for virtual office mail forwarding services. These might include:

  • Keeping personal information private for home-based businesses
  • Giving your business the appearance of having a physical, commercial office
  • Providing a United States address for international businesses
  • Establishing credibility by giving your office a physical address
  • Arranging a physical address for businesses that operate online or remotely
  • Offering an easy solution for business owners that travel full-time or frequently
Who Needs Virtual Office Mail Forwarding?

You’ll likely find that taking advantage of Americas Mailbox’s virtual office mail forwarding service gives you flexibility you won’t find anywhere else. Have your business mail forwarded anywhere in the world so you can operate without boundaries. Let Americas Mailbox be your strategic mail service provider and make getting your mail a hassle-free process, no matter where you are. 

Keep a home base for your business while you travel, explore as a digital nomad, work overseas and more. The benefits of virtual office mail forwarding make it a smart solution for many businesses. Learn how to forward mail for your business and see how Americas Mailbox can help your business.


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How to forward mail
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