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A simple and straightforward solution to your mail and address needs
It’s easy to forward mail with Americas Mailbox. How it works is simple: You join by choosing one of our flexible plans, completing the necessary forms, and we’ll assign you a Private Mailbox. From there, we’ll make sure you get your mail no matter where you are in the country or the world. You can rest easy knowing your affairs and mail are in good hands.

A mail forwarding service is a perfect solution for anyone who is in need of a permanent U.S.-based address. Expats living abroad, military service members, digital nomads and full-time RVers might choose to take advantage of these services. 

Let’s explore how it works and see how mail forwarding might work for you.
how mail forwarding works

How It Works: Mail Forwarding Services

Mail forwarding service provides a simple and straightforward solution to your mail and address needs. How it works is by providing a hassle-free process for you to receive mail at your home address and then have it forwarded to another address. No matter whether you’re out exploring the Rocky Mountains in an RV or sunbathing in Rio de Janeiro, we’ll make getting your mail easy.



The first step in how it works is to become a member. Joining Americas Mailbox is easy. We offer 5 tiers of mail forwarding services to suit your needs. Plans include everything from a basic Bronze plan to create a South Dakota home base to a robust titanium scanning plan that allows you to preview your mail online before it comes to you. We’ll work with you to choose the plan you need.



The next step is to complete necessary forms. You’ll need to fill out a few legal documents and agreements so we can handle and forward your mail. Americas Mailbox will walk you through the process and the documentation. 



From there, Americas Mailbox will assign you a Private Mailbox. We’ll forward the mail received here to you wherever you are. You can have your mail sent daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand -- whatever works for you. Americas Mailbox provides flexible solutions.

How to forward mail
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